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Manet and 
the Women

Hi, I’m Kristen Lee Sergeant – I’m a singer/songwriter based in NYC, and I’m captivated by the art of Éduoard Manet. I’m currently creating an album of songs based on his paintings – here are some demos of a few for you to enjoy (whether or not you’re attending the Manet/Degas exhibit at the Met.) If you like the tunes and want to help this project along, I would love to tell you more here.

Thank you for listening

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Nana, 1877

SONG: Nana


Plum Brandy, ca. 1877

SONG: A Woman Alone


The Café Concert, ca. 1879

SONG: Ennui


Plums, c. 1880


The Ham, ca. 1875 -80

SONG: A Plum


A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, 1882

This one isn’t at the Met, it’s in London. But how could I resist?

SONG: Suzon

Would you like to hear these songs arranged for jazz quartet and string quartet? How about songs for “Olympia” and a few other choice subjects? This is only the beginning – your support can help bring this project to life here.

Thank you for your precious attention.

Kristen Lee Sergeant, songs & vocals (all tracks) 
Jeb Patton, piano (all tracks)